200hr YIN Yoga YTT Chamonix, France
June 14th - June 21st
Chamonix, France , 200hr YIN Yoga YTT

200hr YIN Yoga YTT

Almost everybody sits on the mat on day one of their yoga teacher training and questions whether or not they have it in them to become teachers. This is part of the journey to becoming a good yoga teacher.

“What has struck me most profoundly during past yoga teacher training courses is my students’ ability and willingness for complete transformation. I watch people blossom before my eyes.”

You will inhabit a space that you previously thought impossible and you will learn to draw on incredible reserves of resilience in order to keep growing, keep learning and keep striving to do the very best you can.

What I tell my students on day one is that that completing this course is actually just the beginning. Yes, you can go out and teach yoga, but what you really have at the end of your course is a license to begin the journey to becoming a true teacher.

It takes courage and dedication to choose to change your life and it takes hard work and experience to become an accomplished teacher. The time spent on this yoga teacher training course encourages people to find their own voice, to learn and make mistakes in a safe environment.

Paying a fee does not guarantee a pass, you are expected to work hard, to study and most importantly to improve. 



I think I chose this retreat mainly for the view of the mountains and just crossed my fingers that the rest would be just as amazing - and it was! Mariza is a really inspiring, down to earth, kind and funny person and a great teacher.. Every posture was explained clearly, and in a way that made sense according to the bodys anatomy, with modifications and demonstrations if needed, and she always made us feel safe and encouraged. We slowly started teaching since the first week, which was really great practice. The workshops on Friday were all amazing, fun and very helpful. Everything about this teacher training was great and I think it is a life-changing experience even when the changes integrate slowly. I am very happy and grateful I got to share it with such inspiring people.
  Deeply fulfilling
After years of injury, I found my body opening up and found with it ways of opening my head as well. The philosophical side of yoga had areas I found interesting from an academic point of view initially, but the way that Mariza drew these subjects back to anatomy, to the science of breathing and the various biological systems of the brain and body, I found absolutely fascinating.
  Transformative, Intimate

TT with Mariza is not only about learning Asana and how to teach yoga, it is far beyond that  - for me it was an initiation to learning to live my yoga. Mariza is incredibly patient and compassionate which makes you feel secure and safe in challenging situations and gives you space to grow and learn at your own pace.